-Hold the device in your hand. PULMOTRAINER® is usable in any body position.
-Relax abdominal muscles, inhale deeply and hold your breath for a few seconds before exhaling into the mouthpiece by feeling a smooth ’’vibration’’ in your chest.
-Exhalation should be performed as slowly as possible to con­tinuously keep up the vibration, to achive this you have to adjust the scale on the pipe. Start with easy and later on set it to harder
-Breathe evenly, the rhythm of exhalation should not be fast or sudden.
-Use PULMOTRAINER® daily to improve lung function. Start with 3 times a day in the first 3 days, then increase the time progressively up to 7-8 min., then to 10-12min.
-It may take 10 -15 days of regular daily use to see permanent results.
PULMOTRAINER® can be used long term with no harmful side effects, specially recommended during the Spring/Fall season.

Easy to use. Compared to previous models, this device is not sensitive to motions during usage.
No need to adjust the setting angle for proper use.
The needed amount of exhaled air and the right pressure can be adjusted during use. As a result of exhalation a vibration causes oscillations inside the house. This causes a vibration in the airway walls, which in turn facilitates the movement of the secretion up the airways, consequently improving lung function and oxygenation.


The components of the PULMOTRAINER®


The components of the PULMOTRAINER®

The device has four components.

1. Upper cap with ventilating slots
2. Solid figure special ball (non-disintegrable part!)
3. House (house and an ergonomically designed mouthpiece), Adjustable screw-unit(non-disintegrable part!)
4. Closed lower cap without ventilating slots

Rinsing, cleaning:

Rinse the device with cold water after each use. Rinse the assembled device first then the disassembled parts. Make a disinfection solution: add 2 Neomagnol tablets to 1 L of water, and soak the parts for 2 hrs. After soaking, clean all parts with a soft brush, then rinse them with warm water.


Please avoid the disinfection of the product being cooked.


nonoYou can set the position of the ball inside the PULMOTRAINER® with the scale on the side depending on you current lung capacity.
So both children and adults can use it!